After Sales


Vehicle Warranty

PT Chery Sales Indonesia is committed to all loyal customers of Chery Indonesia by providing a vehicle warranty for 6 years/150,000 km if there is a material defect or an error resulting from factory work.

Engine Warranty

PT Chery Sales Indonesia provides a special 10 year/1,000,000 km guarantee for the Tiggo series engine provided that the engine suffers from material defects or factory work errors.

Maintenance Free

PT Chery Sales Indonesia is committed to providing free maintenance or service at authorized PT Chery Indonesia dealers for 4 years/60,000 KM to all Chery Indonesia loyal customers.



Active Service

Remind our customers about service times after a certain time for periodic maintenance

Heartwarming Service

Follow up after service or ask about the condition of the vehicle periodically. Meet customers when needed

Online Service

Make it easier for customers to make appointment services


Home Service

Makes it easy for customers to do service, just wait at home and the vehicle will be picked up and delivered to the customer after being serviced. Currently service coverage is ONLY for Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang. Customers get unlimited FREE in 1 year for applied maintenance and repairs

Free maintenance

Affordable price for Chery ownership. PT. Chery Sales Indonesia provides free maintenance for 4 years/60,000 km (whichever comes first). Free maintenance includes parts and labor according to service book

Emergency maintenance

7x24 hour road assistance helps customers when they experience difficulties. National coverage (Indonesia) with a reach of 50 km to the nearest dealer. Customers get unlimited Free in 1 year to apply all roadside assistants